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Spook Troop Tours

Do you have an interest in the paranormal?

Our Spook Troop Tours are a little different to the average tour as they are evening/night tours and events in haunted buildings which are world renowned for their paranormal activity.

There's no feeling that matches the feeling you get when visiting a castle in the evening time, after usual opening times, in the dark! Especially when those castles have featured on TV programmes such as the UK's "Most Haunted", "Scariest Places on Earth" or "Ghost Hunters International" to mention just a few.

Hear the stories associated with the history and legend of the castles including reported experiences of visitors, staff and the people who live there. Would you be brave enough to take part in paranormal activities such as glass divination, dowsing etc.? Could there really be something on "the other side"? Join us on one of our tours or events to find out for yourself.

Our locations, times and options vary for these tours/events.