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Halloween Night at Leap Castle

Join us for a full night in one of the world's most haunted buildings!

Leap Castle is a battlement tower which was constructed in the 13th century (although there is mention of a building being at the site before then in the Annals of the Four Masters). The current building was built by the O'Bannon's and later sieged by the infamous O'Carroll Clan. In 1889, Mildred Darby moved in with her new husband to start her married life. She became a writer, publishing under the name of Andrew Merry and she was also known to practice in the occult, regularly holding séances with friends and visitors to the castle. She recorded her findings and in one experience she said:

"Suddenly, two hands were laid on my shoulders. I turned round sharply and saw, as clearly as I see you now - a grey "Thing", standing a couple of feet away from me, with its bent arms raised, as if it were cursing me. I cannot describe in words how utterly awful the "Thing" was. Human in shape, a little shorter than I am, I could just make out the shape of big black holes like great eyes and sharp features, but the whole figure - head, face, hands and all - was grey - unclean, blueish grey, something of the colour and appearance of common cotton wool. But oh! so sinister, repulsive, and devilish. My friends who are clever about occult things say it is what they call an 'Elemental'". (Andrew Merry (Mildred Darby), House of Horrors.

Leap Castle is world-renowned. Spiritual and paranormal investigative teams travel from all around the globe to visit. Sightings, sounds and unexplained events have all been reported over the years. It has played host to TV shows such as the UK's Most Haunted, TAPS and Ghost Hunters International just to mention a few.

Are you brave enough to spend the whole night through with us practicing paranormal activities such as glass divination, dowsing and communication?


Guided tour

Full overnight activities



*This event has an age restriction of over eighteens only

*We have a strict no-alcohol policy

*Early booking advised as places are very limited